Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Even BCBG Can't Salvage This Outfit

Alright, so what if it looks like a lampshade? Well, to Mr. Lipstick it is downright comical, although he was too polite to say, "lampshade." Instead he said, "fashionable." I'll take that.

I'm talking about my favorite skirt. BCBG. Taupe-ish. Tiny little stripes in the fabric. Beautiful pleats at the waist. I wore it to church on Sunday. Here, I'll show you a picture.
Notice those pretty little pleats and the belt that...oh, wait-how could you notice those delicate features? Yes, I have mismatched footwear. I am not a fan of either one.

Das boot entered the realm of Lipstick on Thursday. I really shouldn't complain. I have been treated intermittently for tendonitis for twelve years and have avoided the boot until now. I have to admit that my ankle does feel better when I am wearing it. I don't even know which tendons are inflamed this time around. Everything everywhere hurts. At night it hurts as much as my tummy the day after my C-sections. And grrr...I can't even cheat. Gimme three steps, gimme three steps mister (random Lynyrd Skynrd tribute); not meant to be. My foot plus the floor equals cringing and tears. I have a follow-up visit in two weeks, but I'm afraid the boot will be leaving with me.

Any fashion ideas? Any tendonitis stories? I'm a captive audience.

Sigh...this is not the greatest Lipstick fashion phase, but my goodness, at least I don't have to wear Maryland's new uniforms...
James Lang, Presswire
although mismatched helmet and gloves, mismatched footwear...whatever, it all sucks.


Suburban Princess said...

Oh no!! Maybe you just need to bedazzle your cast?

LPC said...

Just sorry you are going through this.

Bathwater said...

I think the boot out weighs the the rest of the outfit. No one is going to notice the skirt I'm afraid.

Emily said...

hey I love the skirt boot or not ;)

Fifi Flowers said...

Minus the mismatched shoes... YOU look FAB!

WendyB said...

Poor you! I had tendonitis in my arm -- briefly -- after a hand operation and thought it was the worst!thing!ever! I was crying!

Bring Pretty Back said...

You poor thing with your tendenitis! ) :
But... you look pretty in your photo!
Have a pretty day!